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A Highway Of Hits Tour 2018

The Hollies are one of Britain’s best-loved bands. Their soaring, distinctive harmonies, brilliantly crafted songs, and cultivated musicianship; coupled with The Hollies extensive back catalogue of albums and singles, has ensured the longevity of one of the greatest Pop groups to emerge from the early 1960’s Rock revolution; when British Music first began to shake the world.

With a track record as luminous and colossal as The Hollies’, it’s difficult to know where to begin. The band have released some of the best-loved songs ever: The Air That I Breathe, American number 1: Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress), Bus Stop, I’m Alive, Carrie Anne, the soul-stirring He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother... the list goes on.

From 1963 through to the mid-70’s, the Hollies had more hits than even the Beatles. In that period alone, they had 18 Top ten hits. “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” gave them another No 1 hit when re-released in 1988. (It had peaked at Number 2 in 1969). “I’m Alive” had been their first Number 1 in 1965. Today, at the heart of The Hollies since 1963 are original members: drummer Bobby Elliott and singer, songwriter and lead guitarist, Tony Hicks.

In 1963, as the world was changing from black and white into Technicolor, five working class Northern lads: Elliott, Hicks, Allan Clarke, Eric Haydock and Graham Nash set up their two humble guitar amplifiers and drum kit in Abbey Road’s studio 3. They were about to cut their first Top Ten Hit; “Stay”.

The red recording light lit up and the hit making machine known as The Hollies, leaped into life - and into the unknown; pioneering firstly the two way harmony, then the distinctive three-way; as can be heard on their 1964 chart-topping hit, Just One Look.                                                                                                                   

These guys have been entertaining audiences around the globe every year for well over fifty years; as always driven by Bobby Elliott’s powerhouse drumming and led by Tony Hick’s masterful guitar playing and distinctive singing. Sadly, eighteen years ago, front man Allan Clarke developed throat problems and had stop performing. Today, for over fourteen years, lead singer Peter Howarth has stood centre stage, and Hollies fans and aficionados love him.

No support act is needed. The Hollies will be on stage for over two hours. They regularly perform concerts in the UK. Scandinavia, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

The Hollies are Tony Hicks and Bobby Elliott. Bassist and singer: Ray Stiles. Keyboardist Ian Parker, who has worked with Clannad and Chuck Berry. Guitarist/singer Steve Lauri is on the frontline next to lead vocalist, Peter Howarth.

The Hollies appeared on the BBC’s very first ‘Top of the Pops’ in1964.

The Hollies were one of the first bands to use the three-way vocal harmony in Rock Music.

The Hollies were innovators. Unusual instrumentation was often used during the production of their records at Abbey Road - including banjo, tubular bells, celesta, glockenspiel and bagpipes.

Carrie Anne was the first hit record to feature genuine Jamaican steel drums.

• Friend and colleague Graham Nash left The Hollies in December 1968 to set up house with Joni Mitchell and form super group ‘Crosby Stills and Nash’ in Los Angeles.

Elton John played piano on several Hollies recordings, including ‘He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother’  in 1969.

• In 1993, The Hollies were presented with coveted The Ivor Novello Award for ‘Outstanding Contribution to British Music’

• The Hollies were inducted into the American Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame in 2010 for their 'Impact on the Evolution, Development and Perpetuation of Rock and Roll'.


The Hollies 21 date Highway Of Hits tour will take to the road in March 2018,



Tony Hicks,  Ray Stiles, Peter Howarth,

Steve Lauri, Ian ParkerBobby Elliott